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NaP3-v.2.6.6.     NaP3-v.2.8.8.     NaP3-v.3.0.0.     NaP3-v.3.1.0.

NaP3-v.4.0.0. RC1     NaP3-v.4.0.0. RC3

Please NOTE : The version of NaP3-v.4.0.0 RC3 has a bug and so not on all systems it will run ok without a crash and as result You get a frozen screen . I don`t know who could in future time solve this bug . See this link :          (             Also it is strongly recommended if You like to install or change between the different versions that You at first NOT ONLY let run the programs uninstall-routine ... because some entries in the computer-registry will not deleted and the install process of the other version will not run and also the program will not start ! Also it is recommended it should be done a database-reset in the older / earlier version of NaP3-program. For get a really clean registry and clean new installation without old entries from earlier versions of NaP3 You must clean the "brain remember" of the computer manually by using this software here :     Revo - Uninstaller 1.95 .

As far as I know , is the SDR program NaP3 OPEN SOURCE software. Unfortunately , I am not a specialist for software development and I do not know from where the source code is to get of the program for further developments or possible bug corrections - maybe could make from radio amateurs , who deal with software development as hobby in their free-time .

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Sources ?

Larry - F6FVY 26.01.2015

The author claims in the About box that NaP3 is an open source software, but I can't find the source files anywhere. Any info on this matter, or how to take contact with the author ?


Larry - F6FVY
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