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Enjoy a flight through Switzerland and the Swiss Alps ...HERE !

Live-Webcams around my Location / around my QTH

The world smallest QRP(P)-Transceiver

Experiment - Test set-up of the "CURUMIM-TRX"

(In size comparison behind with a box of fire-wood-sticks ...)

Collections of Homebrew QRP RF Circuit Design Ideas can be found HERE

I have built as experiments some different Active-Antennas , but with no other active-antenna`s I got such very good results like with the "Midi-Whip" - my homebrew Active Antenna (built in SMD on an small Cu-SMD-experimental-print ) , and I take the circuit which is developed and designed by DL4ZAO ! You can see in the video if I switch from the ZS6BKW / Ant.1 to the "Midi-Whip" Ant.2 ...  there You will see  that the "Midi-Whip" gives about 3...5 dB more signal-strengh and a better S/N-ratio as the big wire antenna ZS6BKW . If You like to get the circuit-diagram of the "Midi-Whip" then search with GOOGLE to find DL4ZAO or Midi-Whip . Or click the link HERE : DL4ZAO

HERE is my showing the compare between ZS6BKW and "Midi-Whip" .

In video example No.2 - HERE You can see how much better the SN/R is if the active-antenna - Ant.2 - is switched for use . The SN/R-difference to the ZS6BKW = -3...-5 dB lower noise with the Active-Antenna . That means : the ZS6BKW have with +3...+5 dB more noise ... more worse SN/R as the Active-Antenna . Especially take a look to the waterfall-display from NaP3-SDR-Screen . You will see , that with Ant.1 (ZS6BKW Ant.) the Green-Color is darker than Ant.2 (Active-Antenna "Midi-Whip") the Green-Color is much more brighter . That indicates : Darker = more Noise and Bright Green = much more lower Noise ! Also you may very well hear the noise increase in switching to the ZS6BKW antenna.
Each antenna location are the same , 30m away from the house and 15m over ground and at my stand-alone-house - located in a agriculturally , natural swiss-mountain area - without civilisation electronics-smoke or other industry man-made-noise .

HERE in video-example No.3 You can hear very clear in comparison the "Mini-Whip"-Active-Antenna - which is in use at the Web-SDR-Server from the university Twente / NL - how much better the "Midi-Whip"- SMD-Home-Brew-Active-Antenna works which I have built with the circuit developed from DL4ZAO .

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